The Governing Dynamics!

What is randomness? We believe that anything which is unpredictable is random. Isn’t it? But what if I tell you that randomness in the real world is a creation of the very known Homo-sapiens (Human beings :P). That’s disturbing and intriguing at the same time.
Let me ask you a question : What is the probability of getting heads in flipping of a coin if not in an ideal condition? You’ll think it’s 1/2. But is it really? The probability will depend on how you flip it, air resistance, height, range and so many other grounds that you can’t possibly calculate while flipping the coin. These other conditions might take on the probability of head so much that it’s won’t be random anymore. The concept that randomness is not actually random can be explained by the “GOVERNING DYNAMICS”.

Governing Dynamics is a way of referring to the basic rules that control a system. There was a time before Galileo Galilei stated the fact that the earth revolves around the sun along with the other planets rather than them revolving around the earth, when all of this world was a creation of God (for which he was sentenced to imprisonment, a punishment that was later commuted to house arrest). Then came the Copernicus and Giordano Bruno who had the same notion (the story of Giordani Bruno is pretty interesting) but were put into prison for their act of going agains’t the doctrines. And when the theory was widely accepted that sun is the center of universe (which it isn’t), it was considered all random but then came the gravitational laws by the great ALBERT EINSTEIN which was the GOVERNING PRINCIPLE of the universe. It proved that the planets revolving around the sun was no one’s blessing but a concept that can be put into paper. That was a big leap and it gave an opening arms to a possibility that everything we consider random may not be random but is just waiting to be justified by some governing dynamics.

Now what can we think of something complex that shows a conforming sign of randomness? Human behaviour. It’s completely random as far as we know. But what if there are governing equations of how we behave. As far as my prediction goes, the equations ruling our actions would be in a number of millions and maybe the intersection of those equations could predict our behaviour, reaction and response. But what if there is a pattern among these equations that could lead to our confrontation of the Equations controlling our brain activity . As intriguing as it is, it’s more arduous. But imagine what level of a milestone can be achieved in the field of Artificial Intelligence if this principle can be put to play in the real world. A humanoid’s brain would just need a processor which could solve the, what we call, EQUATIONS OF BRAIN. We could start with something less complex like brain of an insect, observing the motion, choices, routes and every activity and finding the equations that can relate it’s moves. There will be equations governing equations. I would conclude by conforming to the fact that one day science will discover the predictions of how you met your soul mate :P. (I mean the random event of you encountering them :P).

Anyone with suggestions, do leave comments or you can contact me on my mail: Those with hate comments, i don’t give a damm :P.

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